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4 Brain Secrets for Optimal Dating Profiles

4 Brain Secrets for Optimal Dating Profiles

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What if Science could help you be more successful online?

What if you could spend less time, less money and get more high quality dates?

Stop wasting your time and money with traditional profiles or without knowing how to build yours. Your brain and your "target's" one hold the solution to your success!

I have extracted and made usable the latest brain science, for your benefit!

All you need to know to get who you want is ready for you!

Online relationships is a war! 

You need the best strategy to be the WINNER! 

When you date at work or at the gym you only have a few competitors for a small set of "ideal dates". On the web you are fighting against thousands, if not millions of competitors!

You cannot be average: you cannot use traditional dating tricks to win! 

You have to use the best possible strategy.

The latest brain science gives you the most powerful tools. This is only for the elite!

What type of photo should you use? What presentation text makes your match see you as the only promising date

The solution is hidden in the brain! Unravelling it makes it easy, fast and cheap to get the optimal date.



There are some incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this eBook. I wanted to show you some of my favourite stuff here!

The top four most important things that you will learn:

  • The brain is driving all of our decisions. But the decision process isn't working as you might think. If you know how decisions are made you can start influencing these!
  • Lies are not working! Forget about it! You may catch some fishes but you won't hold onto them!
  • Your profile photo is key! You have to create contrast and make sure your ideal person gets the message immediately!  
  • Did you know that you will have to adapt your profile presentation text depending on your objective?