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Who is Julie

Julie is a 50 years old woman from Switzerland, were she lives with her man Paul. She is a successful consultant and works with many Fortune 500 companies, helping them strategise and move forward. As a couple, Julie and Paul, are very successful and enjoy a high quality life, since they met 21 years ago. 

Julie on a chair

That was the boring stuff, because that 50 years old woman has more than 30 years of experience when it comes to having fun as a woman. Not only did she experience couple intimacy but her crazy mind allowed her to enjoy groups, outdoors and bi relationships.

She has recently decided to write 52 of her most crazy stories that can be found here. Stories from her first boyfriend, her first girlfriend, crazy times outdoors, strangers, funny and challenging moments with other men and women. She loves it, she loves when people are in, on, over her.

Who is she really? Why  did she decide to write those stories? Here is an exclusive interview with the beautiful Julie.

CP: Julie, why did you accept to write those 52 stories?

J: Mainly because of you guys and the way you let Paul and I see the value for other couples to share our crazy sex stories as well as the ones before I met Paul. It can show people that sex is a good thing and that it belongs to love.

CP: How would you qualify yourself in a few words?

J: I am a bisexual, exhibitionist and submissive woman driven by pleasure.

Julie Butt Plug

CP: Submissive? That's a dream for many men! Are you like that all the time?

J: No, in "normal" life I am a very Alpha Female, I need it for my job and this is also who I have always beed. Strong minded, highly driven and an over achiever. I only became a submissive 6 years ago during a very special evening, you can read about.

CP: People are always, see you in high heels. Is that to arouse men?

J: High heels are fully part of who I am. I love wearing them, even at home my mules have high heels. I really started wearing them in my mid-twenties having met an amazing woman. It also helps me to make a powerful statement as a woman in a male driven world, it shows control and power. Now, I have to be honest as it also gives me a longer figure and moves my hips in a very erotic way. Finally as I am smaller than Paul it gets me up to his lips.

Julie in High Heels

CP: You have decided, and you persuaded us, to publish your stories as they came to your memory, not giving them a chronological order or a topic one, why?

J: Because as you said they came that way when I started writing. And I think that it also belongs to the whole story of who Julie is.

CP: some of your stories are not classic ones, like you being hunted naked in the woods, or shared on a construction, or even when your friends gave you some tough challenge, aren't you concerned that some may say this is not for real?

J: I don't care if people don't believe me, this is my life and I know in my mind, and body that I enjoyed these events. If it's too much then people shouldn't read it. You can't avoid naysayers, as I have learned in my life, but the trick is to let them talk in the wind.

CP: You often talk about the "Love or Sex?" question you and Paul use. Can you explain a bit about that? 

J: Readers will see that this is our way to define if we want to make love in, what we call, "the normal" way or if the one asking has a more kinky, crazy idea, which still involves love, as we love each other deeply, but can also bring other people or situations in the game.

Julie Group

CP: What advice would you give to couples who would like to start or follow your path?

J: First of all none of this will never work without love and total trust. When I or Paul are with someone else during one of our "Sex" challenges or when I get his instructions as his submissive, we do it because it's for our common pleasure. Even when we are away from each other and some opportunity shows up we share it over the phone before going for it, only if the other half is ok. We know both that what we do sexually is an individual pleaurse with a couple thing, but we love no one else. Then I would insist on safety. All our partners are vetted, selected and have to prove that they are clean. When it's an impromptu situation, especially when I am involved, Paul is always close by, and he is a very big and strong guy, with the tools to calm people down. Condoms are a total must. We also video record very often then delete it ,but when a camera is hidden somewhere you can be sure people are staying correct.

CP: Amazing. Out of all the 52 stories which is your favourite one?

J: The one that hasn't happened yet.

CP: We asked you to write 52 stories. Was it hard?

J: It was hard to select which ones I should write about, because of the past 34 years I have much more than 52 crazy sex stories!

Julie as a slave

CP: Thank you so much Julie! Thanks to the two of you for the photos you shared. People will not see your face as you need to keep it confidential, but guys, we know Julie and what you see is half of her beauty! People can send more questions in the comments section and you will for sure reply.

J: Yes, and please ... buy the books people! With love, Julie.