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What Women Won't tell Men: About Sex

In the media and conversations, most people talk about the man's sex drive and what HE wants. But there are a few things that woman don't often share about the activities in the bedroom that would improve most relationships. But, although it could make life easier for both people, she doesn't often tell for fear she'll deflate his ego or tarnish his ideas about sex with HER.

1. Most of what happens in bed happens over the entire body and not just in the genital region. While you may have picked up a few moves from watching pornography, this is NOT real life. The purpose of these films is to play to the camera and arouse YOU not the woman in the film. Get rid of these ideas and play to her whole body.

2. She actually thinks about sex, on quite a few days, with you. As long as your relationship with her is strong, she is physically attracted to you and does want sex. The problem is that by after dinner is on the table, dishes done and the place cleaned up all she can think about is crawling between the sheets and hoping she has the energy to get through the next day. Most women are nurturers and spend their time and energy taking care of the house, the boss, the job, the dinner, the shopping and you. By the time she starts thinking about herself she may not have the energy to think at all.  

Want to get over this hurdle? You have a couple of options. You can really pitch in when you get home from work and help her make dinner or make dinner yourself. Do the dishes and help her to clean up your home. If she has work to do before bed, suggest that you enjoy dessert first. Or you can surprise her at lunch with a quick trip to a local hotel or, if home is close enough for a long lunch, with a trip to your home.

3. Orgasms are not all they are cracked up to be. You might find this little tidbit amazing, but not all women want to orgasm with each and every foray into the bedroom. Check with her and ask - you might be surprised. Some women will fake an orgasm in order that YOU feel good about the experience, but she may not want one every time. There are women who will orgasm with each sexual encounter and others who won't. Check out your partner's perspective before you start worrying that your performance isn't up to par if she isn't screaming in ecstasy.

4. Endurance isn't always appreciated. You might believe that the longer you can extend the experience the better it is for her, but you'd be wrong. Sometimes a quickie is just was the lady wants. Of course, if they are always less than 2 minutes you probably won't be surprised to learn that she doesn't like that either. How long you both enjoy each other should be up to both of you and not what one or the other believes is the right thing.

5. Sex toys have to be attractive and not just a heavy piece of plastic she will never dare show her friends. This is why toys with great design like you can find here are key to getting her aroused and willing to play with.

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