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The Art of Smiling

Ok, there is no way I am not talking about smiling as this is sooooo important when it comes to human relationships.

Did you know there is an art to the beautiful, well-controlled, smile-to-the-eyes kind of smile that makes dates and lovers hearts melt and their knees quiver?

You can learn and practice that art, perfecting it so it comes naturally every time. Some of the benefits of a natural and genuine smile is that more people are attracted to who you are, you appear to be an optimist at heart and it makes you more approachable. Smiling is contagious, and once you have the other person truly smiling, the future is yours. This is due to the "mirror-neurone". A scientific research field studying how one persons neutrons light-up as if she were doing what the other is doing!

So, why is it that when we meet people in an elevator or at a party we easily whip out the 'fake' party smile and forget that the elevator should go all the way to the top. It is almost as if we smile with the lower half of our face and forget that we even HAVE an upper half.

Your genuine smile is gift that we give others in our immediate surroundings. Whether at the office, in the elevator, at a party or at a bar - - flirting begins with our eyes and extends to our mouth. And not all flirting should end in a romantic engagement. Flirting is your way of telling another person that you find them engaging and attractive, even if you aren't attracted to them. Flirting and smiling is a gift that you can learn to give and receive in return.

Don't get me wrong, flirting is used here to describe a positive contact with another person, not just a "hit" to get laid!

We are wired to desire attention and communication from other people. Smiling is just one way of giving that attention to another person.

Smiling starts with upturned lips and ends in the eyes. You know when you are talking to someone and they genuinely smile at you. It is as if they have seen you for the first time and their eyes light up. YOU are important to them.

Try a genuine smile and feel the warmth flood in your body. A great feeling coming from the endorphins your brain releases when you are smiling. A free happiness drug!

It is a gift and one that many men and women appreciate. If you want to be approached more often, then it's time to smile from the curve of your lips to the corner of your eyes.

It doesn't matter if you aren't comfortable in the pants you're wearing, think you are having a bad hair day or just broke two finger nails. The other person only sees that you have 'seen' them and have given them the gift of your smile.

Feel the joy and happiness from the inside and it shows on your face, in your skin and in your eyes. When you can "feel" your smile, then the person you are smiling at will also feel it. They will have been given a gift and accepted that gift that you saw them and said, "Hello!"

Try it as much as you can and enjoy the results!