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Tell me lies

Well, the day started in an interesting way as we had a little argument with my wife.

Yes it happens even to me!

Hey we are humans. One of the tricks I use on my wife's brain is what I call "Little lies". I had that name idea from a song by Fleetwood Mack "Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies" ... See the video clip at the end of this note (and enjoy the 80's era video clip style :-)

What are sweet little lies? Are these ethical at all?

The whole idea is to avoid a very painful argument because you forgot to do something or broke his/her favourite item etc.... The brain of your partner will be set of fight and you want to stop it on its track right now. This implies that you keep your cool and use the neocortex (rational brain) AND NOT the instinctual brain. It requires a bit of practice.

The sweet little lie you are going to use is meant to provide your partner's brain precisely what it is expecting. This is why you need to be able to think. You can't just say what pops in your mind ... as this will trow petrol on the existing fire.

OK, I can see the confusion on your faces! Let's say your partner is asking for the x time if you did some specific chore that you have, once again delayed or forgotten. The best answer will be "yup, it is in process right now. Don't worry I will let you know when it is ok". Sweet little lie, because of course you did forget it once more.

This technique requires, on the other hand, that right after your little lie you DO the task! If not you are drastically killing your trust factor!

Use some great toys to make happy afterwards.