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How to have a long distance relationship?

How to have a long distance relationship is a question that more of us are asking given the current state of the economy.  More of us are having to travel further afield in order to find well paid employment and that sometimes means leaving a loved one behind.  Or you may never have lived close to one another.  With the increasing number of people meeting over the internet, it is becoming very common to find yourself in love with someone who lives some distance away.

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A Man's Guide To The Embarrassment Of Buying Lingerie

Lets face it, we men are obsessed with women's bodies and yet if I needed to tell someone the size of her breasts the best I could probably muster would be "just about right" and if she were to ask me right now what her dress size was I would probably mutter that it didn't make her bum look big at all. This is in part due to my ever-present attempt to gain brownie points and not spend the night sleeping in the kitchen with the dog, but it is in one big part due to my ignorance...

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