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Multiple orgasms

Some women feel that one is enough and others find that their clitoris is too sensitive after their first orgasm and their just not interested in having any more.

Men have a refactory period after ejaculating which makes multiple orgasms more difficult for them to achieve. Women on the other hand don't have a refactory period, after their first orgasm they are in the plateau stage and stay aroused for longer and if stimulation is continued more orgasms are possible.

Sequential Multiples:

These are a series of climaxes that come close together with an interruption in arousal. The woman might need a few seconds to relax and then stimulation can continue, with another orgasm occurring within minutes. A likely situation for this to happen is if the clitoris is stimulated manually or orally until climax is reached, followed by another climax during intercourse.



Some women might find that their clitoris is very sensitive after their first orgasm. If direct stimulation is too intense, try indirect stimulation on another part of the genitals. It might help to take deep breaths, rocking your pelvis in time with your breathing, while the energy builds up again in your genitals. Within a few minutes you could find that over stimulation will give way to pleasure.

Serial Multiples:

These are orgasms that come one after the other without interruption in arousal. These are only seconds apart and may feel like on continuous orgasm with multiple peak points. This is likely to be achieved if the clitoris and G-spot are being stimulated simultaneously.

Some women find that their second or third orgasms are more powerful than the first, and some find that their orgasms become progressively less intense.