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Happy women achieve orgasm

Many women who rarely or even never achieve orgasm even do not try to cope with their problem thinking that all their efforts to improve their sex life will be useless. But these women do not know what sad complications their being sexually unsatisfied can cause.

Absence of orgasm affects nervous system as well as female organism as a whole. After an intercourse which did not end with orgasm a woman often complains about nervous excitement, fatigue or depression. Lack of sexual satisfaction is very likely to result in neurosis and hysteric reactions. Unsatisfied women suffer from severe headaches and irritability. Absence of orgasm also causes stagnation of blood in sex organs which afterwards results in menstrual cycle disorders, and even uterine bleeding. Many sexologists and gynecologists consider that stagnation of blood in sex organs can even provoke fibromyoma and polycystic ovarian disease. 

No doubt, lack of sexual satisfaction is harmful and even dangerous. But what is to be done? How can you improve your sex life?

Actually, there is a great variety of factors causing anorgasmy (inability to orgasm). Some of them are physiological, other ones are psychological. In each case a woman should visit a doctor to find out why she does not climax and receive necessary treatment.

But let us be honest and speak frankly. The fact is that quite often women do not receive the desired enjoyment because of their sex partners being unskillful or some problems or disorders their partner suffers from. What can be done in this situation? Should a woman look for another, more inventive or healthy lover? What should she do if she loves her husband and did not want to divorce?

Actually, there is a way out. Sex toys can help you. Do you doubt? Then let us see how sex toys help sexually unsatisfied women.
Does your partner ejaculate too early? This is not an infrequent problem. This is quite natural that you need longer intercourse to orgasm. Ask your boyfriend to prolong foreplay and stimulate you with a sex toy: a dildo or a vibrator. You will get aroused enough to orgasm even if your partner manages to perform even a few frictions.

May be you do not enjoy his motions and you cannot explain him what he should do? Try to enhance your sensations with a vibrator on your own. This sex toy will let you know what kind of frictions you like ñ slow or quick, strong or slight. Then you will help your partner make you orgasm.

Does your partner have weak erection? May be he cannot maintain it long? Than sex toys again will be of a great help. Have you ever heard about cock rings? They are designed to encircle the penis at its base. This will intensify your loverís erection and will keep his penis hard for as long time as you need to achieve orgasm.

As it has been said above many women cannot climax because of some psychological problems. Some of them simply dislike their bodies. Are you surprised? Did not you know that being dissatisfied with your appearance prevents you from getting pleasure? Improve your body. Go on diet; go in for sports and, Yes, we are going to speak about sex toys again! Adorn your body with nipple or clit rings. You even do not suppose how arousing your body looks being adorned with erotic body jewelry.

Generally speaking, sex toys help you learn more about your sexuality. They add variety in your sex life, they make you experience new erotic sensations. Dare introduce sex toys in your sexual relationships! You will see that use of sex toys is not shameful. Sex toys enhance your sensations; they make you enjoy your intimate relationships. A woman who enjoys sex is a happy woman. Happiness has nothing to do with shame.

In the end let me add one more thing. Sex toys are not a panacea. The fact is that almost no woman enjoys sex with an undesired partner. Donít you love your husband? Than no sex toy will help you. Have sex only with a beloved man!<br>
Fall in love and be in love. Only being in love a woman can be really happy.