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9 signs your long distance relationship is going down

Deciphering whether your relationship is in trouble can sometimes be difficult when you live in the same zip code. When you live miles apart differentiating between a bad day and a crumbling partnership can be even more of a challenge. Sometimes life gets so complicated and busy that we just put our heads down and try to make it from breakfast to bed time. When your loved one is in another city, it's easy to forget to take care of that relationship or sometimes even just to pay attention.

Long distance relationships require more attention and more transparency than others. You have to talk about the rules, make plans and be authentic because you can't read body language, even when you use video chat apps this stays a challenge. Trust becomes the backbone of your communication. You have to trust that what they say is what they mean. Unless you learn differently.

Sign #1: Your relationship is in trouble when you wake up in the morning and you can't remember the last time your talked to your partner. Business is not an excuse for not calling or texting.

Sign #2: If you guys argued the last 3 times you talked it probably wasn't because one or the other was having a bad day.

Sign #3: Are you operating under different rules and can't compromise on who calls when and who travels next? If you can't compromise now, then it's highly likely that won't compromise if you moved closer.

Sign #4: Do you remember the last time you had fun together - whether flirting on the phone or in person? When the relationship is solid you'll make the time to have some fun. Don't take each other for granted because it's just all downhill from there. Make sure you have TOYS to keep the physical connection.

Sign #5: Keeping the relationship going is more stressful than fulfilling. When the bad outweighs the good you have to ask yourself WHY you are continuing down this road. If the why are strong enough then you'll find a way to reduce the stress and increase the fun.

Sign #6: You are happier spending time with yourself than with your partner. At this point it might be best to have that discussion with them. If you are happier alone, it's time to be alone.

Sign #7: If your significant other starts threatening to end the relationship with each argument, it probably means they've been thinking about it. Are they threatening to get their way? It's not healthy to manipulate. In either case, it's time to talk it out and figure out what the two of you want to do about it.

Sign #8: They are cheating on you. Do they want out and can't verbalize it or are they looking for some recreational fun outside of monogamy? Neither one of these reasons will support a strong relationship and it's time to BAIL!

Sign #9: If your partner can't focus on anything else but themselves, then they aren't healthy enough to have a strong relationship and it's time to get out.

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