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The 2022 challenge

Here are some news of this year's challenge my Master and man, Paul, has given me. 

For this who don't know : only men bigger and larger than Paul will be authorised to get inside of me. Paul being already 23cm big .... It makes this a real challenge.

Most winners up to now, not that many, around 6, have mostly been black ... Don't ask me why. 

Paul keeps track of the stats 🤣🤣🤣

I have to admit that this is pushing some limits and that I get sore each time. But what a feeling to be taken that deep. 

Up to know the biggest was 26cm. Paul keeps looking for new challengers and ideas to make me cum even from the situation. 

I have to admit that last week's construction site event was a killer. It's funny to see that my "Lady, classy, serious" usual way of being changes to enjoying being used as a sex tool for hard, smelly workers ....