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Should you do black?

This year was all about the "Bigger than Paul" challenge. Which interestingly made me notice that to find people with me than 23cm in their pants you have to go "black". 

This year 70% of my partners, selected by Paul for my adventures, were from Africa.

Aside the size what makes these men so special?

I noticed that whatever their education level, job title, financial status, they all, well most, have an alpha male behaviour as big as their dick.

It can start nice and soft but at one stage they take you hard and deep pushing your limits, opening and drilling you so hard that you are back to being a female used for pleasure... And I love that ..

 Sorry feminists but being used at the most basic level is great too! Not having to think, letting a male take you as he wants in all your holes (yes that's crude) is just amazing.

Looking forward to the 2023 challenge!!!!

Thanks to all the lovely 2022 huge partners!