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Should I stay?

From time to time Paul makes sur I stay on my toes and organises interesting challenges for me. Often I get a letter, with a short instruction : time and task, and a name to ask for at the hotel bar  or a room number.

This time I had to meet a contractor in a suburb hotel bar to negotiate the build of a garage extension at our lake house. This was a real negotiation.

When I arrived and asked for the guy I was supposed to meet I got pointed towards a table where two big black guys were enjoying a drink. I introduced myself and they offered me to take a seat and started talking about all the work they would do and how expensive it would be. While talking their eyes were running from my eyes to my chest, legs and back. As I was on the way home from a meeting for my work I was wearing high heels, stockings, a skirt, a blouse and a jacket. For sure a bit different from what they were used to see. 

I tried to keep them focused and started the negotiation. The objective, set by Paul, was to get the whole contract down to 50% from the original price.

We talked a lot, had some drinks and had them already down by 20%. They then explained that we had to go to their room to have a look at the blue prints so that they could calculate what was possible. I knew this was part of Paul's plan and followed them.

Surprisingly they made no move and pulled out the blueprints and started making calculations. They offered me to sit on one of the two beds while they used the second one for the blue prints.

They went down to 30%. So I asked what was missing for them to get to 50%. They looked at me and said "You". "If you strip naked we are ready to go down to 42%". 

I stood and started removing my jacket, slowly opened my blouse exposing my bra, removed it to. I kept looking at them while I got rid of the skirt. I was standing in my underwear "as you can see I did my part."

"We said naked". Still keeping my eyes on them I removed my bra and panties keeping the stockings and my heels.

I could see their eyes running over my body and the bulge in their trousers.

"42%" it is! Now I was aroused too. "You can have me and we close at 50%".

You should have seen their eyes.

I walked out of the hotel with my 50% deal and a very happy pussy!