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Real estate

What is a prostitute ? A lady gaining some money with her body? Agreed?

Well then, on that basis, I can be Paul's prostitute from time to time to gain some advantages ... Don't get me wrong ... I love it.

Being a very powerful woman, working with high level and very successful CEOs and executives, driving their thoughts and decisions, I need to be under Paul's control to let my mind relax. We work well as a couple as it was clear from the start. As you can read in my books here I even became his official submissive 7 years ago.

All that to say that we went to visit some offices to buy for his business and I was there to help him win the deal as my Master instructed me to motivate, in any possible way, the seller for a discount. 

Do I need to say that Paul is happy? I obeyed. And that's the most important. Well the fact that I came and made a guy happy is great too. 

Oh, yes we got a good deal ....