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Queen of spades

Black men are nothing new in my life and Paul and I often play with some friends based in Geneva like us, who have all what it takes to fill the Big Black stuff legend. As you know my Paul is a ver well endowed man and big stuff doesn't really scare me.

We often play and it always drives loads of pleasure, especially as we play "bareback' with the friends we know and trust.

Recently during our vacation, having some fun and wine on a friend's boat I made a stupid bet that I lost and ended becoming a "queen of spades" for a month. 

Comparatively to our friends with whom it's more about switching and having a good time, being used in that new way was way more "humiliating" ... as I got used ... period. Only there to let the black men use me as their pleasure toy. A white blonde lady for their pleasure. 

Paul made sure he always found guys ready to use a piece of "white trash" for fun.

It was absolutely amazing. As I am a very driven and "Lady" style person, very alpha in my work, becoming the piece of pleasure of any black guy hanging around was sooo exciting.

Out of safety none could use me without a condom and as such I wasn't their breading material (anyway I am 51). But I can tell you they used me and made me cum a lot. The best time was to have one on each hole.