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Outside sex

Here are some thoughts about having sex or adventures outside. 

There are many people who enjoy engaging in sexual activity outside, like me, of the confines of a traditional bedroom or private dwelling.
This type of activity, commonly referred to as "outdoor sex" or "public sex," can be a thrilling and exciting way to add a sense of adventure and spontaneity to one's love life.
However, it is important to keep in mind that engaging in sexual activity in public places is generally considered to be illegal in most countries and can carry significant risks and consequences. I will never repeat it enough: don't do it!
One of the main risks associated with having sex outside is the potential for getting caught by law enforcement or members of the public. Public sex is a violation of public indecency laws in most jurisdictions, and can result in arrest, fines, and other legal penalties. This never happened to me because we take as many precautions as possible. 
In addition to the risk of getting caught, there is also the risk of encountering people who may be offended or disturbed by the activity. This can result in confrontation and potentially violent or dangerous situations. Naked can be ok, being caught doing it is way more over the limit, especially nowadays with people getting upset by even a bird flying...
Another risk to consider is the potential for exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It is important to always practice safe sex and use protection, regardless of where the activity is taking place. If you are engaging in sexual activity outside with the opportunity to meet new partners you HAVE TO take appropriate precautions.
Despite the risks, some people, like me as you can read in my book, still choose to engage in outdoor sex due to the thrill and excitement it can bring.
If you do decide to engage in this type of activity, it is important to take steps to minimize the risks and ensure that you are not putting yourself or others in harm's way. This may include finding a secluded location that is out of view of the public, using protection to prevent the transmission of STIs, and being mindful of any potential dangers or risks.