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Outdoor hiking gone wild

Walking, nature, Paul, sun ... the perfect ingredients to drive me in a very sensual mood.

Some may know that thing with children " are we there? Are we there? Are we there? etc..." well I can be such a pain too ... "I want you, I want you, I want you ...." 

Paul never keeps it under control for a very long time and what I expected happened: he took me by the hand, had us walk away from the path and started kissing me while pulling my shorts down and running his hands and fingers over my butt and pussy. Noticing how wet I was he fingered me while kissing me.

I could stop my hands from opening his shorts and pulling out his hard cock.

He let me get on my knees right after I removed my shorts - never wearing any underwear when not wearing a dress or skirt - and start blowing him. I was in a cum frenzy and did my best to get him to come down my throat very quickly. 

I was still in need as I hadn't come yet. Paul turned me around, rubbing his half hard cock against my butt will playing with my clit. I was becoming loud. 

Some noise and I could see a guy hiding behind the bushes. Paul saw him too. "Come here man!" And the guy came.

"Help me mate, let her use you to keep her balance while I take her from behind. The guy didn't know what to do, thought a few seconds and came closer pulling his dick out. I grabbed his hips while he took my hair to push himself in my mouth. Paul slid his huge cock in my ass at the same time. 

The guy started groaning and came on my face in a very short time. I didn't let his hips go as it took longer for Paul to come in my ass.