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One last drink

Paul asked me if I would like to go out for a drink. Of course I accepted as, even though now you need a pass, a mask, etc .... It allows for good meets, fun talks, and eventually a nice cocktail.

We went to a local place that we know in Geneva and ordered our drinks. The place was relatively quiet as this pass thing stops people going out. 

A few couples and a handful of guys and that was it. I was wearing high heels, jeans and a light sweater. Classy but relaxed.

It was a lovely time. 

Paul was talking about some new concept and I was just looking at him and loving him. I also noticed the two guys at the bar always glancing at us.

After a while Paul went back to the bar to order a new round and started talking with the guys. He was looking like the leader he always is. Soooo handsome. All three walked towards our table and Paul told me he invited them to a last drink as they worked is some company he knew. They sat, Paul in front of me and one guys on each side of me.

The talking was nice .... as were the two hands on my legs. Seems each guy on my sides had the same idea. I removed one of my shoes and placed my foot on Paul's crotch.

We were all four still talking as if nothing was happening. My foot was getting Paul hard. The hands were getting closer to my ....pussy.

The talking and "rubbing" was so nice that it took me a while to notice we were the only ones left in the bar. One hand had finally opened my jeans ...and the guy was surprised to feel now underwear. Paul told him that I never wore any neither did I have a bra ... Guess who ended up fully naked?