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My love for high heels

I Looooove high heels!

I wear them every day! As you can read in my book (check out the book section here) I got "initiated" by a great lady Iet during my career. Since then I have been hooked and can't stop wearing and buying high heels.

I am not sure how many I have but let's say that Paul complains a lot and ... Gets me more too! Because he loves the way my body moves when I am wearing them.

On a normal day, when I have work meetings I will wear heels up to 12 cm, at home I can go higher ... And for the times I feel sluty ... Well it can go up to 16 cm ... 

I walk in heels, I work in heels and I have sex in heels. 

By the way have a look at the selection in the shop here ... I love the selection...