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Morning routine

You may have heard or read this about my morning routine, which is always about some yoga, light  breakfast and my special treat. 

For the past 7 years, now, Paul and I have started a D/s relationship and one of my tasks is to wake him up, at any time he needs to, in a special way.

Instead of a noisy alar sound I am his wake up "device". When the time of his wakeup time comes I dive under the sheets (if any) and start getting him hard with my tongue. When he is hard and proud I take him in my mouth, never using my hands, and start licking and sucking his huge cock. I love to feel it hard and warm and hear his moans. 

From time to time I stop to play with my tongue on his balls and even lower from time to time.

Then I go back and blow him as hard as I can until he comes in my mouth or throat. I drink it all. Never losing a drop! 

And then the day can start ...