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Light play

Last evening I slightly overcooked dinner and Paul didn't enjoy it. Did I do it on purpose or not? Did I do it to get punished because I like it when he uses his magnificent brain to come out with new ideas ...

Right after dinner he instructed me to strip naked and go get the handcuffs.

I did as instructed. When I came back he cuffed me, grabbed my ankles and pulled me out of the house. As we have a big garden surrounded  by think bushes I was concerned about being naked outside, as I am mostly naked at home during the summer. 

He went to grab some clothespins that he placed on y nipples, labia and clit and pushed me down on my knees. 

I could feel the pressure of the clothespins on my soft areas and enjoyed, while I sucked his cock he had pulled out and pushed down my throat. He came warm and plenty. I enjoyed every drop.

He then told me to stay on my knees and left. I stayed in the dark and fresh night for a while, my knees starting to hurt.

After a while he called me from the house. I walked back, the pins on my labia and clit making it awkward.

When I joined him at the door he open the pin on my clit very quickly ... the rush of blood nearly made me faint and fall. For  the labia and nipples he didn't opened them. He just pulled till they let go. That did hurt, but less than when the bood came back.

I spent the rest of the night naked and cuffed?