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When you red the "Is there a Brain in Your Couple?" book you learn that most women prefer to have sex inside, in a safe place, because our brains always scan the environment to assess danger. This is something we women have deeply embedded in our brains. Well .... seems mine has a male part that runs well because I love to have sex out of the bedroom! I can have it evey where! 

Mostly just my man and me but sometimes, mike this time we drove through France to go to Spain when we stopped on a "aire de repos" on the French highway to catch some fresh air (even though we have A/C in the car). For those of you who travel through France you may have noticed that very often the parkings along the highway come with some nice places to walk and so.

Here we are walking around, I was wearing a jeans short, open high heeled mules and a tee-shirt. They had some sort of monument with columns behind which Paul asked me to strip to shoot some photos. Which I did of course.

Getting more and more aroused I kneeled in front of him to give hi a blow job as it seemed none was around. While I was doing my best to make him enjoy it I heard him talk .... and invited a guy to come closer to watch !

Well, he did watch ... and also pulled out his cock, took my hand and asked me to stroke him. As Paul came on my face to get the guy even more excited and hard I decided to blow him too! 

Luckily there wasn't anyone else! He thanked us and left while I dressed and had to walk back to the car with my face covered in cum ... crossing a group of retired people who just arrived with a bus!