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Let's make this clear: I LOVE anal! Period! I love it so muh that I very often carry a plug or rosebud all day long even when I go to meeting or dinners or wherever.

I can take long anal sessions and will always ask for more. BUT it didn't start like that! 

I can remember when I was 17 a girlfriend of mine had her first time and experienced both vaginal and ana sex. Her boyfriend was 25 at that time and a summer "love". She said that she cried all night long after he took her in her tiny home and even bled a bit. That scared me like hell and I managed to avoid it till I was 25. Even though I started having sex with 19, and had many partners (yes, I was that blonde bitch fucking all the good looking guys at the university).

During my very first job I met a girl who became and great friend, one night we went for some drinks and started feeling attracted to each other. I have been bi since I was 21. That's another story. 

After the nice time with our friends we shared a taxi. Once we reached her place she suggested I came to her appartment for some Bailey's (love it at that time). So here we are on her couch drinking teh liquor from the same glass and kissing. I was gentle with her as it was her first time with another girl.

As you can imagine we ended up naked on her bed and had pleasure. After she came twice and managed to get me come once just with her fingers she told me to wait and ran away. 

When she came back she had a double dong (first time I saw one) in one hand and a bottle of anal lube in the other. 

She asked me to turn around on my four and let her do what she wanted. Very gently she licked my pussy and started inserting one side of the think in it. After a bit she turned around and did the same to her self. Our butts were touching while both pussies "swalowed" as much of the dong as possible. I came! 

She kept it in me for a while and started licking my little hole. after a while I could feel the cold lube dripping on it and her fingers moving around it. I was so relaxed that when her first finger entered I nearly came ... I was excited that she managed to get three fingers in!

Of course she the inserted, very slowly the double dong ... and back to basics ... did the same to her self. I think we fucked each others ass for long minutes.

From that moment ... I am an anal addict.