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If there is one thing that you will notice is that I mostly wear and walk in high heel shoes. Paul is a tall guy, 1m86 and I am a 1m70 woman, as such I can wear shoes with heels of 16cm or even with platforms from time to time.

We also belong to the upper class (even though this may sound very pretentious, but it's the best way I could find to say that we live in a very comfortable world). As such we are very often invited to events, parties etc... were men and women dress accordingly. 

But we both love to see my body in what would qualify a woman as classy : heels, stockings, lingerie, etc... 

Don't get me wrong, I can be a real slut! When I wear pants, like jeans, I never w

ear any underwear as I love the rough fabric to touch my soft labia and rub against my clit all day. I happen also to avoid wearing any underwear under skirt or dresses depending on how I feel.

But back to heels.
I have, like most women, been using heels for most of my adult life. Small heels always felt comfortable. Then I started my business and noticed that the higher the heels the stronger my attitude became. It requires power and confidence to enter a board room on 15 cm heels. That silence when you walk in the room, the only sound the one made by your heels!
Even women go silent ... you think because they are jealous. Surprise, not at all! May ask me how to walk in such heels.
I love my heels! Have a look at the Couple Pleasures selection HERE.
I grew on heels and heels grew on me! 
Paul loves to see me in my heels! I have home mules with high heels, when I walk in the house naked on my heels I get what I want from him.
He also loves the way I remove the shoes and show my feet.