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When you are wearing high heels you are definitely attracting people's glances and comments. Especially when you are dressed like most women no more dress like. Today it's all about jeans and running shoes. It's about being part of the big group of sheep! 

Well I prefer to go for the crazy stuff and get High Heel shoes like the ones HERE.

When you are well dressed (yes young ladies you can be very well dressed with jean) you definitely create contrast and people will remember you.

And some men may go ballistic and ask you for many crazy things. The usual ones when men in clubs think I am single : walk on me, can I kiss, can I suck your heels, can I smell, give me a foot job or more.

On this photo Paul had some fun and let himself go on my feet after a blowjob in a restaurant men's restroom.

Had to clean the stockings but definitely got the attention of the other patrons in the restaurant!