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Hello, welcome to the very firs post of my adventures here on Couple Pleasures.

Who am I? I am a 50 year old woman, living in Switzerland and very successful in my career as a consultant. Working for many Fortune 500 companies I am used to very agressive women and men and always make sure I win! One of my main tools is my body and the way I dress and behave. 

I am what many call an "executive woman", and dress and behave as such. I can be a real cold bitch! And my high heels are a fantastic weapon. But most important is that I have a brain, even though I am blonde, and know how to use it.

For 20 years I have beed with the same man, my love, my friend, my Master and my lover. We have experienced many things which may be a good reason we are still together and still crazy in love. Our couple has no limits, aside the ones we set for our safety and social life. My man, Paul (yes that's his real first name too) is very successful too in his job and well known in Switzerland.

I have asked the Couple Pleasure guys to illustrate every of my posts with the same picture of me wearing one of my high heel shoes and and pulling with the heel on my panty. I love it.

Back to me as you, for sure, want to know more about that milf, well seems now I am getting towards the Gilf!.

I never had kids, we had no time for that. I am sad about that? Nope I am not mother material! I am fun and pleasure material! 

With Paul we met 20 years ago around midnight on December 31st/January 1st 2000! We were at the same party, spent some time talking, drinking and dancing ... and kissed for the very forst time on Jan 1st 2000 at 00:00! and he fucked me in the club toilets at 00/12 ! for the first time after having ripped my string away with his teeth!

Since then we have experienced many things and for the past 6 years I have accepted to become his submissive. Not his slave!

I keep my body well shaped thanks to sports like yoga, running and horseback riding (have you ever been on a horse while having geisha balls in your vagina ladies?).

Well that's it for now.



PS: I haven't decided yet but I think my posts will cover both my past adventures as well as my daily ones ... if something worth telling happened.

PPS: I am Swiss and my mother tongue is french so excuse my little english mistakes!