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Is there a right size?

Last night we had an interesting talk with a girlfriend about men's penis's size and their need to show us how big they are. 

We agreed that when a nicely sized dick opens you and touches all vagina walls the pleasure is intense. We also agreed that some average hung men can do miracles because they know how a woman clicks.

Personally I am used to big as Paul is ... Big. This is also why I can also take bigger as my body is used to get penetrated by huge dicks. Feeling the back of my vagina pushed deeper is quite exquisite and makes me come hard. I am also happy be challenged to take huge cocks in my ass as this is a very different pleasure ... 

I would also like to say that being taken by a man with a huge penis gives me the feeling to be owned ...

But that's just my perception.

Whatever your size make sure you know (don't think you know) how to use it.