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I love remote controlled toys

I am walking on the street doing some shopping when suddenly it starts vibrating in my vagina. Slow pulses first. I nearly twisted my ankle because of the surprise. Now the vibrations grow stronger with a wave pattern nearly making me moan in the middle of the crowd. A nice old lady stops and asks me if I am ok. I manage to answer that I am fine and start walking again while the vibrations keep going. It stops as it came, without a warning. I can feel that my pussy wants more. 

I start walking again enjoying the jeans rubbing on my wet pussy (as you know I never wear any underwear under my jeans). I feel great but still crave for more pleasure. 

The vibrator in me starts again, this time I can't stop the moan and the hips movement, getting people to look at me. The vibrator is set on full power and is driving me crazy. I manage to find a bench and sit on it as I can no more walk properly.

The pulsating toy in my, remotely controlled by Paul over the app, from his office, is making me climax. I find a way to cover my moans holding my jacket over my mouth. People keep walking by staring at me. I can't stop that vibrator. I come, in the middle of a crowded Geneva street. I can feel my pussy dripping with pleasure, soaking the jeans.