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How do you get such a body at 51

Many people don't Bellerive that I am 51 .... Well that's the truth. You can see that my body isn't any more a 20 or 30 years old one .... May show you some photos of me at that ages one day ...

But I like it when people say that I look great and have a nice body.

I do a lot of sports to keep it healthy : running, horse back riding, yoga. And of course eat healthy food. 

I fully agree that the fact we both have a comfy income give us access to quality food. But you can too when you go to a local farmer ... If you can ... It's cheaper and better than any super market ... And sometimes you even get stuff for free ... When Paul takes you there naked ....

Anyway ... Another important part of a great body : the mindset! What ever life throws at you stay positive ... At least try ... Not always easy.

Of did I forget it? Lots of love and sex!