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Highway restroom

Last weekend we went to visit some friends in France. The drive was a bit long but worth every minute as we spent an amazing afternoon and evening as well as morning at their place. On the way home I was very much aroused (wine does that to me and tried to get Paul to let me pull out his magnificent dick to let me suck him.

Paul being ... Paul didn't let me do so and said  that I would have to wait for the next rest area to indulge my need for sex. Which I did and spent every second looking for the sign letting us know when the next area would come. I knew it had to be in France as in Switzerland we have very few and most are with restaurants and all that stuff.

After a while there was finally one rest area and I made sure Paul didn't miss the exit. The car slowed down and we ended on an area with some rest rooms and picnic tables and benches.

Paul suggested we'd go to the rest room and locked us in one to be sure none would stop us. He wasn't that happy to leave the Bentley alone on an empty parking at night but he was more than happy to take care of his girl.

We entered the empty Men's room. He told me to pull my skirt up, high over my hips, exposing my pussy and butt. He did pull it down over my breasts himself. I was standing there, with just a "ring" of fabric around my belly, all the rest being fully exposed. 

He asked me to get on my knees and pull his cock out. I did as instructed and managed to pull his very hard penis out. I was going to kiss it's tip when he stopped me and asked me to get on my knees, face down, hands on the floor, exposing my naked butt towards the door and to stay like that.

As his submissive, I obeyed, scared as I hear him unlock the door.

I was now fully exposed to anyone who was going to enter the room. 

He came closer and started fingering my pussy and my ass. The floor was smelly, sticky, my hair was on it and I hated that. It didn't stop me from getting close to cum. Which I did, loudly. Paul pulled his fingers out. He didn't autorise me to move.

I heard him say "Your turn". I thought he was talking to me when fingers started rubbing my soft labia. "She's very wet" said a male voice that didn't belong to Paul. The fingers slid inside my pussy. My heart was pounding fast ... a guy was fingering me. Hard, fast and deep.

I came again. "Wow! she is noisy". "You can come on her". I heard the guys sigh and he started making some noise right before something hard landed on my butt. 

"You too man" ....what? Another one? And once again some groans and some hot cum landed on my lower back. "Thanks man, your slut is lovely".

The door slammed shut and Paul asked me to stand. He was smiling. He turned me around, hands on the sink, pushed my legs wide open and pushed himself deep inside me. We didn't need a lot of time to come together.

I was still driping his cum when we walked back to the car ...