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Garage sex

Garages are definitely not a place women usually go to or enjoy spending time at, at least I don't.

Sometimes though I have to get the car serviced or have to go for a quick paint job so that Paul doesn't notice a new scratch I made, or have to get a tire fixed ... Did you read the story when a gf and I had a puncture in the Swiss forest and ended up naked? - Read my book here in the store.

Anyway, garages and their mechanics can become a very exciting environment ... Especially when you are well dressed and end up covered with stains of grease thanks to their hard working dirty hands.

It's also a nice place to check your "négociation" skills. Nonetheless it's a safe place as once the doors are closed or once they take you to the "mechanics only" space none can see being naked or having some real fun. And I can tell you that these guys can get vey hard ...