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For those of you reading my books you already know that I started my sex live with a woman and that we never stopped being friends and lovers.

It's always a happy moment when we meet even if it's just for a coffee in downtown Geneva.

But a few days ago we just wanted to enjoy each others buddy and come together. 

I had decided to wait for her being naked, as I am often at home. When she arrived, Françoise asked me to come over to her car and help her carry some stuff. I could see on her face that me being already naked was what she expected. 

She asked me to grab a box on the back seat of her car. That box was really heavy and I had to bend inside to grab it. I jus got my hands on it when Françoise lips already started kissing my exposed butt. 

She told me to stay like that, head and torso in the car, legs and butt outside of it. Her kisses and licking went down to my wet pussy and she started licking and biting my labia and clit. Which of course made me come. Loudly. 

She didn't let me move and kept going this time sliding two fingers in my ass, two in my pussy and using her thumb to play with my clit .... Came again....

After two more times I managed to free myself and to undress her. This time I was in control and pushed down on the warm car hood. 

Let's say that for the next long minutes I tasted and drunk a lot of Françoise's juices ...