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Find your way

Paul and I are the perfect match and every day for the past 21 years proves it right. It's not only about passion and fun but also about thinking, sharing and growing. 

Of course sex is a huge part of our couple and Fe the beginning wa have our "sex or love" rule ... Explained in my books ...

This time I went for sex and ended up in my heels and stockings only by the side of the road, in the middle of the fields and had to find my way back to the restaurant. 

I have to about that the excitement of the unknown always drives me wild. 

I knew that the fastest and safest was to walk across the fields, a little wood and I would reach the restaurant. I removed my shoes as high heels are dangerous on such tracks and started walking. Each time I heard a car on the road I tried to hide. The plants weren't very high, so I had to get down. I ended up being a nice mess, covered with mudd, my stockings all torn.

After what Paul told me had been a 40 minutes walk I reached the restaurant's parking and could see our car right in the middle.

My plan was to get to it and hide in it to dress again. Paul said he would leave it unlocked. 

Well running naked during midday, naked and dirty, on a posh restaurant parking wasn't going to be easy! 

But I did it ... May tell you how one day ...