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Enjoy the summer

I don't know what you do during the summer but I love this time of the year as the sun not only helps to regenerate the body but also allowsnthatvsame body to be naked (as long as you are safe and not doing stuff against the law ... Or just for the excitement...well you know what I mean). 

Being exposed to the sun and other people's eyes is a link. It also helps to meet new partners and start fun games.

It's also a great motivation to have your summer body ready! 

I am just thinking that maybe I should write posts about all the places you can have fun sex! Would you like that?

On the beach keep in mind that the sand is your worst enemy. As soon as just one tiny bit gets inside the fun is over. Make sure you have a large towel ... Blowjobs are nice too, especially when some guys join.

A.must is to do it in the water while other people swim around you ... Well 

.. more abou that in my book here in the store ...