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Do you want milk in your coffee?

This I have to share! 

We just needed to fuck like crazy with Paul today after texting each other while working and running from one appointment to the the next.

In the afternoon Paul texted me a hotel name and room number. I canceled every following meeting and rushed towards the hotel, was a bit ashamed to walk quickly to the elevator in front of the receptionist ... I think he was pretty sure if what that lady was going to do at 4pm in his hotel.

I rushed towards the room, knocked. My man was standing there naked and hard ... He pulled me inside. Pushed me on the bed, ripped my panties away (under a skirt I do wear some, never under trousers as you know from my books), and pushed himself hard in me. We didn't make love. We fucked!

He came in me long, hard and warm....

I was still on the bed, legs wide open, skirt on my hips, blouse open and exposing my breasts, my bra pushed over, when Paul came back with ciffe cups for us. 

"Do you want some milk?" ...I answered yes.

"Stand and let my cum drip out of you pussy I. Your cup."

Best coffee with milk ever ....