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Can you walk on me

In volume 1 of my books "Julie's Adventures" I write about that guy Paul and I met at a bar who loved being walked on by women. Trampling they call it.

Well happened again! With another one! 

During a local entrepreneur club dinner a guy, I guess he needed a lot of courage, asked me if I would indulge in his little fantasy. At first I thought he wanted to fuck me like most dream about (yes, I know, but this is my blog and I can write as I wat and be as pretentious as I want). I told him he should talk with my man and showed him the handsome silhouette of my Paul. He said that he would do so and ... did it!

A few minutes later both came to me and Paul said "follow me". Which I did of course.

They found a storage room. Without saying a word the man pulled his dick out, got on the floor and asked me to walk with my high heels on his penis and balls.

At first I was very gentle but he insisted I should go harder with the heels. Which I did. He groaned from a mix of pain and pleasure and came on his trousers.