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Being a sub isn't always esy

Most of the time I am a very obedient sub to my Master Paul. For the past 7 years we have learned and grown as a D/s couple and love it. It took us 14 years before we acknowledged that this was who we really are. 

For those past 7 years he became more at ease with driving me and pushing my limits and I have learned to to trust him even more (didn't know it was possible) to make me the fully confident sub I am. I have done wild things I didn't know were possible years before ... trust me ... when I say that it's already very crazy as I always was very open to try many things in y sex life.


Last evening I got home, Paul was already home and was having a drink with a guy. Didn't know him. He introduced him as a business partner. Fine for me, he often has meetings at home.

I went to my dressing room to get some more comfy stuff on when I saw the note saying "strip naked, get your leather cuffs on" and crawl back on your four in the living room". 

Being a good sub I obeyed and did as instructed. It's always an mix of excitement and stress to be naked in front of a stranger, especially in a humiliating position.

I had to lick Paul's shoes and then the stranger ones. They made me turn around still on my four and have my naked butt face them. They sat back and kept talking and drinking enjoying the view.

The guest and Paul left their glasses on my back and walked out after a while. That's it. I kept staying like that for a long time, the pain growing in my knees and wrists because of the position. I don't know how long I stayed like that.