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Beach Bitch

Recently we went to the South of France for a few days of well deserved vacation. Paul and I decided to go to a not so uptight beach resort and got ourselves a nice place to stay.

Usually we go for a run together nearly everyday but this time Paul twisted his ankle and couldn't go with me for the whole duration of the vacation.

Because of that I went nearly every morning to run along the coast on a path that runs along the rocks and the beaches, letting me enjoy the sun rise over the sea.

I also noticed that early in the morning none is using the path which gave me the opportunity to find a little cove where I could stop, strip out of my running gear and go for a naked swim. That was so nice to have that break during the run.

I have to admit that I also enjoyed lying naked on the cool sand and let the wave play with my legs and pussy, coming and going. Most of the time I couldn't resist touching myself and coming. As you may know if you read me I am a noisy one.

One morning I ws going through my routine and saw a head hiding behind the rock. For sure a guy was hiding to watch me. Guess what I gave him a great show, on my fours, butt towards him and rubbing my pussy till I came.

Then back into my gear and I started running again, still aroused.