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A walk in the woods

Enjoying some nice weather this weekend motivated us to go for some hiking in a Forrest close to our place. It's a nice quiet area were we can enjoy peace and being a couple far from our crazy lives. Most of the time, even when the pace is dynamic we walk holding hands.

After an hour or so if walk we decided to take a break and let our feet relax a bit. I noticed that I had forgotten to pack some energy bars. Paul looked at me and instructed me to strip naked as I deserved a punishment for that. 

I did as instructed while he pulled out a rope from his backpack ... That man never misses an opportunity ....

He tied me to a tree. Blindfolded me with my tee-shirt. After a while of leaving me like that he stared whipping me softly on the butt. He knows I get wet from that. Then lifted my foot and whipped the sole hard. Try it ... It hurts. He did this with both feet. Untied me and told me to get dressed.  

The rest of the walk was painful but I couldn't stop kissing him ... Maybe I will let the power bars home next time too ....