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A girls moment

Yes, I am fully bi! In fact when you read my books HERE you will learn that my very first lover was a woman. I never stopped enjoying time with women.

The softness of our skin the perfect knowledge of the female body and the female rhythm to love make this a very special pleasure.

Yesterday an old friend from Egypt called me from the airport telling me she would be in Geneva for a few days on a business trip. I think it took me less than a few minutes to kiss Paul and jump in my Abarth to drive to Geneva downtown and run to her room. 

She was just coming out of the shower and was only wrapped in a towel ... that I pulled away and started kissing her.

We didn't say a word, just kissed and made love for a very long time. She made me come many times with her tongue, lips and fingers and I did the same.

When I woke up it was already ate night. I called Paul to let him know I was ok and asked if it was ok if I stayed a bit longer ... which he agreed with. 

We didn't sleep much ...