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It was a month ago or so and I had to go to that meeting with a new client. The CEO of that swiss Pharma company (don't search is a small one and very confidential) was a very good looking young (44 years old, I am 50) man who founded his start-up a few years back, pretty successfully. As such he was a very confident man, very.

Before I keep going it's important you know that most clients don't see me before the first meeting after the contract is signed (which means they don't sign for my silhouette).

On that day I was wearing  a long coat with a suit and high heels. Black suit with black high heels. Under the jacked just a black bra. With my blonde hair you can imagine how I look. ... Well ... that guy stayed .... neutral (hey, he is Swiss LOL) ... I started thinking he was gay! 

I think the guy expected me to be some of these quiet consultants ... wrong ... After one hour of rebuilding his market strategy I noticed a major change in his behaviour. He was starting to get excited, and I noticed during a coffee break with his colleagues, standing around a coffee table, that .... he was having an erection. 

He wasn't looking at me, just listening.

At the end of the meeting he told me that from now on his CMO would take over because he could not focus and work with me. I was quite surprised as the contract stipulated that he would be the POC. He told me that the contract was still valid, that he would sign off all the decisions but without seeing me. 

Noticing that I was surprised he told me that he was sapiosexual and that my intelligence combined to my looks drove he crazy. Being a gentleman and knowing that I had a partner he preferred to stop being close to me.

This was a strange meeting.

I may invite him once the contract is over and if my man is ok because from what I could see he has quite a nice penis and I would be curious to see what he can do with it when I talk about strategy and am naked ;-)